Lose The Fat In Unwanted Areas

One of the biggest questions still remain and that is how to lose the fat in unwanted areas? The answer is simple, eat right, exercise, and stay consistent. So here are a few tips to lose tummy fat, lose face fat, lose arm fat, and lose thigh fat.

Lose tummy fat

The most common issue people have is the simple fact that they want to lose tummy fat. Even though there isn’t a magic overnight pill, there are still a few simple things you can do to lose tummy fat fast.

The first thing you need to do is change you’re eating habits. And by that I mean cut back on fried foods and junk foods. Increase your intake of foods that are high in fiber to help boost your metabolism to burn fat faster. Cut back on sugars because the body stores it as fat. You should also switch from eating 3 large meals a day to eating 4-6 small meals instead. And to top it off you need to drink a lot of water, or if you prefer hot drinks, try green tea, black tea, or even white tea.

Next, you actually need to get out and exercise. Whether it is a nice walk around the block, a brisk jog, or bicycling, you need to work in cardio exercises. Along with the cardio exercises you need to mix in a few exercises which target the stomach area since the ultimate goal here is to lose that stomach fat.

Sit-ups alone won’t get the job done so add these exercises into your workout and watch as you lose tummy fat within weeks. But you have to dedicate yourself to doing these things on a daily basis.

  • Plank
  • Side bends
  • Bicycle crunches (elbow to knee)
  • Seated twist
  • Medicine ball rotations
  • Chin ups
  • Hanging leg raises

By doing these exercises daily, you will be able to see amazing results, but not only  that, you will lose tummy fat with ease.

Lose Face Fat

The main reason for face fat is simply because a person might be living an unhealthy lifestyle. Of course it can also be genetic,  but the most common reason is that they may be overweight and those extra pounds just flow through different parts of the body, one of them in this case being the face.

Even though there is a specific way to lose face fat there are still a few exercise that can help. But the real way to lose face fat is to target the entire body. As the body starts to lose the weight, so will your face which is why it is important to exercise daily for at least 30 minutes or so.

Smiling helps because you are putting your facial muscles to work. Even frowning can help to reduce fat in the chin area. A simple exercise like curling your bottom lip over your bottom teeth and opening your mouth as wide as you can repeatedly and also help with toning up your face. Or even something as simple as chewing gum and drinking a lot of water on a daily basis.

Forget about expensive surgeries which can leave permanent scars and other damage to your face. Not to mention your face is the first thing people notice so if you’re not fully confident about the way your face looks or any other part of your body for that matter, it can really lower your self-esteem and put you in a real slump.

But other than that, some of the main causes of developing fat in the face and other parts of the body can come from stress, allergies, smoking, alcohol, lack of exercise, depression, etc. So the key to get rid of the “face fat” is work out the entire body and change up your lifestyle for the better.

Lose Arm Fat

Just like getting rid of fat anywhere else, the key is to exercise the body and for the arms it is no different. If you can stay committed to working out a few times a week, your body will end up burning a lot of calories which will then burn the fat.

There are plenty weight lifting exercises to help tone up your arms such as bicep curls, tricep curls, etc., but the most important thing is the number of reps you do per set and also consistency.

Here are a 10 more exercises to help lose arm fat but before you begin any of them, be sure to stretch:

1)      Jumping Jacks

2)      Push-ups

3)      Bench Press

4)      Rows

5)      Running

6)      Swimming

7)      Barbell Extensions

8)      Yoga

9)      Pull-Ups

10)   Tricep Dips

But again, the best way lose fat on any part of the body is to work out the entire body as a whole. Follow these exercises daily and you’ll lose arm fat as well as fat in other places pretty quickly.

Lose Thigh Fat

If you want to lose thigh fat the same rules apply as losing fat anywhere else, you need to work on the entire body. The thing with thigh fat is that it’s usually one of the first places to develop the fat along with the stomach area. But it’s also one the last places to lose the actual fat as well.  So to lose thigh fat you need to combine both cardio exercises and body resistance training.

For the cardio you start by walking, running, cycling, or swimming for at least 30 minutes a day. And if you take part in any type of sporting activities them that’ll be even better for you. But the reason is because you’ll be burning a ton of calories which will then help you to lose thigh fat and fat in other areas.

For the body resistance training you’ll target the thigh fat by doing exercises like lunges, squats, leg press and leg curls. These exercises concentrate specifically on the thigh area making it more effective to lose thigh fat and build more definition in the legs. But remember, just like targeting any other part of the body, consistency is key to making it happen.

So there you have it, how to lose the fat in unwanted areas. Hopefully with these tips you’ll be able to lose tummy fat, lose face fat, lose arm fat, and lose thigh fat in no time.

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